Support Organizations

The works proposed within LIFE VIDALIA are a natural outcome of the substantial knowledge and experience that the teams of both beneficiaries have been gathering on nature conservation, environmental awareness and engagement of the relevant parties for several years. Such work has not been promoted on an isolated basis, but rather, with continuous consultation and engagement of other relevant stakeholders that can contribute to common objectives dealing with nature and biodiversity conservation, and in particular with the implementation, at regional level, of the Birds and Habitats Directives.

A set of contacts and works have been undertaken, including consultation of stakeholders, allowing to deliver a proposal that strictly targets the conservation, awareness raising and behavioral changes needed to improve conservation status of some of the most threatened species of endemic flora.

Under such context, this project can therefore be seen as a result from an ongoing participatory process that aims to promote the involvement and participation of stakeholders. LIFE VIDALIA has received support letters from a network of support organizations that are: