LIFE VIDALIA comprises a set of volunteering activities which are essayed and tested for the first time in the Azores, giving them a demonstration character for the local socio-economic context. These activities will depend on the engagement of key local stakeholders, such as Third Sector Organizations, Environmental NGO’s and private tourism agents and include activities in the nursery, such as producing plants, or on the intervention areas, namely seed collecting, ecological monitoring, planting endemic species and eradicating invasive species in the intervention areas.

19-09-2020 Volunteering in Monte da Guia Intervention Area

11-12-2019 Volunteering with SeaExpert in Morro de Castelo Branco Intervention Area

11-12-2019 Volunteering at the Rare Plants Nursery with APADIF/Escola Secundária Manuel de Arriaga

05-06-2019 Environmental Volunteering with Tourism Agent “Caminhando”

23-05-2019 Celebration of European Natura 2000 Day