Endemic Azorean Species Plantation

Endemic Azorean Species Plantation

Monte da Guia

As part of the LIFE Vidalia Project and with the objective of reducing the ecological footprint of the Azores Trail Run, on May 23, a plantation action will be carried out on endemic species of the Azores in the region of Monte da Guia.

And we invite everyone to participate in this event.

This action meets some of the goals of the Vidalia Life Project, namely:

– Improve the conservation status of endemic species Azorina vidalii and Lotus azoricus,

– Substantial strengthening of populations of target species on the islands of Faial, Pico and SΓ£o Jorge,

– Improved habitat conditions for target species expansion and threat reduction (by planting native flora and reducing invasive flora.

This will be the planting of the species Azorina vidalii (VidΓ‘lia) and Festuca petraea (Bracel-da-Rocha).

Join us in this action!

(rendezvous point: Dabney House)