Implementation Actions

In order to address the target problems, LIFE VIDALIA includes a series of implementation actions that contain concrete conservation, monitoring and public awareness and dissemination works.

The implementation actions as foreseen are listed below:

  • C. Conservation actions
    • C.1 Enlargement and operation of native flora nursery for target species propagation
    • C.2 Conservation of natural populations of Azorina vidalii and Lotus azoricus
    • C.3 Complimentary habitat restoration measures to sustain natural populations of Azorina vidalii and Lotus azoricus
    • C.4 Complementary conservation works for IAS control/eradication in concrete conservation areas and buffer zones
  • D. Monitoring of the impact of the project actions
    • D.1 Assessment of socio-economic impact of the project actions on the local economy and population
    • D.2 Monitoring project outputs and impacts on the targeted conservation problems and LIFE performance Indicators
    • D.3 Assessment of project’s impact on ecosystem functions
  • E. Public awareness and dissemination of results
    • E.1 Project’s Communication Program
    • E.2 Project’s Environmental Education and Awareness Program/Activities
    • E.3 Project’s Stakeholders’ Engagement and Volunteering Program
    • E.4 Core Technical Dissemination and Networking
    • E.5 Replication and Transfer of Project Outputs