Intervention Areas

Concrete conservation works within LIFE VIDALIA will take place in five municipalities in the islands of Faial, Pico and São Jorge, Azores, Portugal. These works include ecological restoration through the reinforcement of natural populations, reestablishment of surrounding habitats, eradication of invasive species, ecological monitoring and a complete awareness raising and environmental education program aimed at stakeholder and general population.

In Faial Island, where Lotus azoricus has not been reported yet, LIFE VIDALIA will intervene in four Azorina vidalii populations, in Pico Island the project targets seven populations of Azorina vidalii and three of Lotus azoricus, and São Jorge Island encompasses five populations of Azorina vidalii and one of Lotus azoricus targeted by LIFE VIDALIA.

Besides Natura 2000 Network (see map), LIFE VIDALIA’s conservation works will take place in areas of national and international importance, recognized by programs such as:



Azorina vidalii
Lotus azoricus