The LIFE VIDALIA project, coordinated by the Regional Secretariat for the Environment and Climate Change, proposes to those who enjoy walking trails a contribution to the knowledge of the Azorean biodiversity through the use of the Biodiversity4all’s mobile app, partner of the project.

By interpreting and recording your observations, you will also be collaborating with LIFE VIDALIA, since the project accesses the records made by users and thus manages to increase knowledge about the location and situation of the Azorina vidalii and Lotus azoricus‘ populations and of other species of great conservation interest. On the other hand, records can also support the detection of new invasion outbreaks and assist in the fight against undesirable species in the natural habitat of the Azores.

To date, 179 records of Vidalia and 4 of Azorean Lotus have been made in the Biodiversity4all app from a total of 78 observers registered on the platform.

It is a free digital tool available for Android and iOS systems.

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