Preparatory Actions

As is the case with many projects funded by LIFE Programme, VIDALIA includes a set of Preparatory Actions that are essential to the correct development of the project works. These preparatory actions comprise ecological updates for each population and the development of a detailed action plan, as well as team training and stakeholder (re)engagement.

Globally, the Preparatory Actions are as follows:

  • A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans
    • A.1: Preparation Works on Ecological Updates, Team Training and Stakeholder Engagement
      • A1.1 Ecological Updating and Technical Operational Planning
      • A1.2 Internal Capacity Building for Operational Works
      • A1.3 (Re)engagement of Local Stakeholders with Project Works

Progress of the Preparatory Actions

A1.1 100%
A1.2 100%
A1.3 100%

Stakeholders initial workshop

Definition of the intervention areas ecological baseline

Operational Working Plan for the Conservation Actions

Project’s operational team capacitiation and entry into functions